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Hats Off to the new sailing season
April 28th, 2013 @ 09:33 AM EST by admin
As we gear up for another great season of sailing at the National Yacht Club, it seems the appropriate time to remind our members of the House Rule regarding hats and headwear in the dining room. Per House Rule A.3.4 - Conduct of Members: "Members and visitors are not permitted to wear hats or caps in the bar or dining area's except where headwear is worn for religious or medical purposes and that theme or ceremonial headwear may be permitted at a particular theme function or ceremony." While reading this article, you may say "I already know that, so why are you telling me again?" Well, unfortunately, at a recent Sailors Night at the club, a guest of one of our senior members was wearing a religious headwear item at the bar, where they were told by another senior member that they needed to remove their hat. Despite the guest advising that senior member it was not a hat, but rather a yarmulke worn based on his religious beliefs, the senior member insisted that it was a hat and had to be removed.  After some discussion, and In order to create harmony and move on with enjoying the evening, the guest removed his yarmulke. This incident proved embarrassing not only for the senior member whose guest it was, but also for National Yacht Club as a whole. As a reminder to all, please note that any transgressions of house rules or by-laws that a member observes in the dining room should be brought to the attention of the dining room staff so that they may act upon it.  In the absence of that, you can also seek out any front office staff or board member on the premises and advise them. It is preferable to have the dining room staff, office staff or board member deal directly with anyone in contravention of a rule or by-law, thereby avoiding member confrontations, discomfort or error in application of the rules and by-laws. We have quite a few rules and by-laws and it is understandable that we can't know them all off the tops of our heads, so hopefully this reminder on hats and headwear proves useful for the coming season. Happy Sailing, Merilee Wright VC, Marketing & Communications