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Haul-out is October 22-24
September 26th, 2010 @ 11:44 PM EST by admin

Haulout will be on the weekend of Oct. 22nd – Oct. 24th , weather permitting.

All members (or their designates) must be on Club property when their boats are hauled. Delays and additional crane time are costly. Please plan to come down early and volunteer for a work shift – there are a variety of jobs available and we need the co-operation and support of all members. If you need help with your boat, please ask any of your fellow club members – we’re happy to help!

WEEKEND BEFORE HAULOUT (October 16th – 17th):

  • Yard & Cradle Layout Weekend: Cradle layout will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 16th and 17th. Volunteers are needed – please contact John Flanders at (416) 214-9547 or email for more information.
  • Drysailors / Dinghys: All Drysailors/ dinghys not storing on the property over the winter must be removed from the site by Friday, October 15th, to allow for Yard & Cradle Layout Weekend starting Saturday, October 16th. Those who are storing on club property must have their masts down by no later than October 15th.
  • No Parking: No Parking on Club Property on Saturday, October 16th and Sunday, October 17th – Vehicle Parking will not be permitted in the yard on those days for cradle layout from 8:00 a.m. until completion of each day’s work. If you leave your car in the lot overnight, please remove it by 8:00 a.m. each day.NOTE: There will be free parking at HMCS York. Or you can use paid parking at the airport parking lot. Cars parked on Stadium Road are subject to a $60.00 parking fine.
  • Large Mast Removal: Please contact Samantha Glass in the Club office at 416-260-8686 ext. 27 to book at time for large mast removal using the Polecat crane.
  • Mast Storage: If you are storing your boat offsite please ensure that your mast is stored offsite as well. Mast Rack Courtesy – Please store your mast in the appropriate rack for its size. Racks in the East Yard and the West Yard dinghy ramp are 52 Ft but the rack in the West Yard by the clubhouse is 42 ft. Keep that in mind when choosing a rack. Heavier masts should be placed on lower levels and all attachments must be removed from masts including spreaders and radar equipment.

HAULOUT WEEKEND (October 22nd – 24th)

  • Start Times – The East Yard will start at 9:00 a.m. on Friday Oct.22rd and the East Yard and West Yard will both start 7:00 a.m. on Saturday Oct.23rd and Sunday October 24th (if required).
  • No Parking – There is no parking in the NYC yard during Haulout. There will be free parking at HMCS York. A limited number of paid parking spots will be available at the Airport Lot. Once those spaces are filled members will be required to use paid parking further away from the Club. Check the Club Notice Board for further details (maps to other locations, where to pick up parking passes for cars, etc)
  • Clear Decks – Remove masts, spinnaker poles, wishbones, booms, dinghies and any other equipment from your deck prior to being hauled. These may be secured on the deck after your boat is hauled, but must not interfere with Haulout or crane time. Due to space limitations and safety issues with crane activity, all drysail boats are required to remove their masts.
  • Prepare Your Boat in Advance – Mast removal and pumping out your head are not permitted during Haulout weekend.
  • Cradle / Trailer ID & Preparation – Ensure your membership number, boat name and bow position are clearly marked on the sides of your cradle/trailer. Prepare your cradle by screwing the pads down and lubricating shafts and nuts before Haulout Weekend. Trailers must be fully road worthy – fully inflated tires, proper lubricated hitch, etc.
  • Mark Sling Positions – Clearly mark the sling positions on the deck with 4 pieces of masking tape or other label.
  • Attach Lines and Fenders – Attach two 40-foot lines, one forward and one aft. Do not use nylon line and do not use lines with metal fittings or chains attached to the ends. Please hang fenders on both sides of the boat.
  • No Winterizing or Power Washing Boats – Please do not winterize or power wash your boat during the working hours of Haulout.
  • No Sailing – NYC policy prohibits members from sailing during the working hours of Haulout.


Safety is the key concern during Haulout. Safety Officers will enforce the safety rules, with no exceptions. They are empowered to stop any operation or behaviour that may endanger any member.

Key Safety Rules:

  • No children under 14 years old are permitted on the property during Haulout.
  • No pets are permitted on the property during Haulout.
  • No portable stereos and tape players – these distractions are a safety hazard so please leave them at home.
  • Hard hats must be worn by all members who perform jobs around the boats.
  • Life jackets will be available for those individuals who are working at the water’s edge – please wear one at all times.
  • Protective clothing recommended – overalls, gloves, sturdy boots or safety shoes.
  • No alcoholic beverages – Alcohol consumption is not permitted on Club property during Haulout. The Club Bar will open only after all work is completed each day.


Here are some of the members of the Haulout Committee that you can contact if you have any Haulout questions or want to volunteer for a work shift.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Trevor Marks 905-764-7094
Karen Beaton 647-283-2214
Work Assignments: Ian Pooles 416-481-7982
Yard Layout/Cradles John Flanders 416-214-9547