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Haul-out: masts off for this year
September 26th, 2010 @ 02:54 PM EST by admin
The Launch/Haul out Committee has been looking at this concept and feels that it might be a possibility, but not for this year, as a great deal more study is required. They have asked to form a sub committee to gather all the facts and come up with a full assessment. We will be looking at, among other things, a proposed new yard layout, timing of haul out for “mast in” boats, safety concerns, any extra costs, any limitations of size, and input from the crane operators. When this is completed, the Launch/Haul out Committee will review our findings and make a recommendation to the Board. With luck, this will be ready for next year. If anyone would like to help in this project, please give me a call. Nick de Munnik 416-361-1088 or email