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Hidden Gem in the NYC Yard – The Workshop
April 28th, 2013 @ 08:54 AM EST by admin
Ah, spring is here.  The boats are in the water. The docks are looking great and are abuzz with activity. If you have been thinking about replacing those squeaky floor boards or want to finish the cockpit table, the workshop is your place. Many tools and plenty of space Located in the North East corner of the property, the workshop is a great space for creating, repairing, replacing and finishing those long anticipated tasks many of us have. The shop features workbenches as well as a number of tools including a professional-grade table saw, a drill press, a bench sander, two grinders, a chop saw and even a thickness planer and jointer. Available to all NYC members 18 years of older at no additional charge, there’s plenty of space for everyone. Safety is the top concern. While the shop is open to all, each person must use the tools properly. Don’t know how to use the tools? No problem, the hard working volunteers comprising the workshop committee are here to help, offering equipment training. NYC members can also ask a committee volunteer to help them use the equipment or to use the tools to cut a piece of wood or other material for them. Shoes must be worn at all times while in the shop. Personal protective equipment such as safety goggles are available throughout the shop and must also we worn when using power tools. To protect our little ones, please refrain from inviting those under 18 into the shop. Be thoughtful of your fellow members As a courtesy to fellow workshop users, be sure to clean up your work area and help keep the shop free of sawdust and other debris.  Personal projects and materials unfortunately cannot be stored in the shop due to space limitations. Workshop Committee meeting The workshop committee will be holding its first meeting of the season on May 2nd at 7 p.m. Come join us! Whether you’re a seasoned workshop participant or want to learn a new craft, all are welcome. by Robert Buehler