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How Did You Start Sailing?
April 26th, 2011 @ 05:30 PM EST by admin

from Faith Seekings

The stories of how NYC members got into sailing are as varied as they are interesting, from racing with family before they could walk to looking for a retirement hobby.

Here's mine: a friend of mine was doing a sailing vacation in St. Martin with a friend of hers and his family. Three of them intended to stay on land for another week after that and invited me to meet them. The weekend I arrived happened to be the annual Heineken Regatta. Just as my friend was leaving the party to meet me at the airport she met a man living down there on his boat, and his first mate. We met up with them at the regatta party the next night and they ended up taking the four of us to Saba later in the week.

I had never been sailing. Before we even left we ran aground on a shifty sandbar in Simpson Bay and I assisted in freeing us. I spent the entire trip in the companionway under the Bimini because my friend had been seasick the whole week she was out and I didn't know how I'd be. I had quite the sunburn anyway. The eight hour sail there was great. The long ride in search of the dingy dock... the bar on the pier... the BBQ and overnight on the boat... swimming off the back in the morning... the star-filled night sail back... I discovered I don't get seasick – in fact, I can cook down below while at a steep heel. I was hooked.

On my return back to Toronto I couldn't stop talking about the trip. Someone I had just met told me about the NYC, the intro course and shark club. This was seven years ago and the rest is history. Besides all the club activity and racing, I met an amazing group of life-long kinda friends and my husband.

By the way, one of the friends my friend was with, whom I met for the first time on that trip is now my Co-editor, Steve van Egmond. [Hi!  -SvE]

So how did you get into sailing? We invite you to share your stories by commenting on this blog. Or, if you like, submit it to and we may publish it as an article, even anonymous if you prefer.