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How the New Website Will Work for Members
July 29th, 2014 @ 02:17 PM EST by admin
As many of you know we have been busily working on a brand new website for the club, which we hope to have live within the next couple of weeks. I thought I would give you a heads-up on what to expect as a member. Members Only Section Like on the current (soon to be old) site, you will have a member login. To increase privacy and security, the username and password will no longer be based on your name and member number. The username will be related to your name, but the password will be an automatically generated, random password. How Do You Get This Info? Once the site is live, you will be created as a 'user' receive an invitation email from the system with your username and automatically generated password. Unfortunately, you will not be able to change your password, so please be sure to record it somewhere handy. If you do lose it, you can click a 'forgot' or 'reset password' option that will cause it to be reset for you. You will then receive the new password by email. Why Can't I Change My Password? You won't be able to change your password or anything in your profile because the club manages our members' information on a separate, unconnected system. It's more important for the club's system to be up-to-date, so if we allowed you to change anything on the website it would no longer match. Therefore, you must submit requests for changes to your information (i.e.: a new phone number for the roster) to the office. Believe me, we explored all possibilities with a goal to make this easy and secure for members as well as the office, within the budget we had, and this was the best solution. What Else Will Be in the Members' Area? We are excited about the new Volunteer section. Committee Chairs will be able to submit the jobs that need doing online. Members looking for volunteer opportunities will be able to see what is available online, with the ability to sort the list of jobs by committee and date needed, and contact the person responsible directly to volunteer their time. This could take a while to get fully populated, but the goal is to allow members to plan their volunteer hours in advance and avoid the last minute scramble. More later!