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Hypno-tised then Disco-tized
April 10th, 2012 @ 09:49 AM EST by admin

Saturday night was a special night at the NYC! First, the Incredible Boris invited about twelve people up on to the dance floor and then proceeded to hypnotise about seven of them.  Some people seem to be able to resist being “put under.”  Then Boris proceeded to get these seven lucky people to do all sorts of silly and fun things to everyones amusement – dance, speak another language, strut like they were in a fashion show, dodge imaginary birds, cook on the beach and freeze in the arctic and so much more.  It was truly a spectacle. and he had the audience laughing in tears for an hour and a half. Unless you were there, you just would not believe your eyes!

After Boris came DJ Don and “The Art of Music” who proceeded to turn the dining room into the NYC “Saturday Night Fever” disco complete with a full array of disco lighting and decorations, all the best disco thumping tunes, requests from the Disco Dancers, and “carrying on” until nearly 1 AM!

All in all, a great night at The NYC and special thanks to Linda Morley for orchestrating the entire evening – and yes, she was up there and fully hypnotised and part of the “zoned out seven” and keeping everyone in stitches by never having the same name twice!!!