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Inaugural Toronto Sail for Burn Survivors
June 23rd, 2014 @ 08:38 PM EST by admin

Lead by the efforts of Gerry Ramos, the NYC was proud to host this first annual event. Volunteer skippers and their crew (including the Commodore) took survivors of burn injuries on a lovely cruise Saturday, June 21. We hope to have a full story for you next month, but couldn’t wait to share these thank you letters sent to Gerry.


Thank you Thank you Thank you

I personally want to say a huge thank you to you and the  National Yacht Club for making this event possible. Not only was it a great day personally for my girls and I, but professionally the reward of seeing our burn survivors sail and DANCE was a real gift and joy. What a wonderful accomplishment.

Many thanks!

Nisha, Occupational Therapist, RTBC


Words can’t express how special this event was to the burn survivors and health professionals.

You said your goal was “just to sail” but it was so much more…

You seemed to know that an event, driven by someone who has “been there”, a peer, gives a social opportunity for survivors to have fun, in a safe and welcoming place, and to allow them to be comfortable being with people who know they’ve been burned, but be in a safe place so their burns don’t dominate who they are.  For staff, what a unique opportunity for us to see survivors and their families outside of the clinical setting, having fun and getting on with their lives…truly wonderful!  And such a bonus for us to “take a break” and just enjoy the moments of the day to join in on the fun.

So Gerry, the journey isn’t one you or other survivors would have chosen and it can be a difficult time getting through, but you are definitely to be commended for your strength in your survival, for finding meaning in your survival, for your resiliency and for your vision in making this day a success…you are indeed a very special man!

To Denys Jones, the Commodore (and his family & crew whose yacht I was lucky to be on and had such a wonderful extended tour!), the National Yacht Club Board of Directors and club members and numerous volunteers, donors and sponsors….thank you so much for supporting Gerry and his vision, thank you for making us all feel so accepted and welcomed and thank you so much for giving your time and allowing us the privilege to sail with you/making the event such a success.

I swear I can’t stop smiling!  So to us all, keep sailing, enjoy the magical healing powers of the water, live life to the fullest and remember to have fun!

Thanks again!

Anne Hayward, Social Worker, Ross Tilley Burn Centre.


Stellar job Gerry and all the volunteers! We’re all very proud of you.

by, Faith Seekings