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Introducing the Mast Storage Committee
February 24th, 2011 @ 11:36 AM EST by admin

Commodore Henry Piersig and the Board have appointed a committee to review mast storage for the Club.

The existing mast storage is not efficient and presents a number of problems for the membership. One of the present racks is unstable, placing and retrieving masts is difficult and dangerous without proper equipment, a greater number of larger masts may require a different configuration of the racks, access to masts after launch is problematic and other issues have prompted a complete review.

The committee currently consists of Ed McCormack and Kim Chapman with John Waddell and Henry Piersig as ex-officio members.

If any member is interested in joining the committee, those with an engineering background or specific interest in the project would be most welcome. Please send either Ed or Kim with any suggestions or requirements to Ed at or Kim at Please contact Ed McCormack or Kim Chapman if you are interested in joining the committee.