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John (Mimis) Joannou 1928 – 2010
November 22nd, 2010 @ 10:06 AM EST by admin
John was born in Cyprus (Paphos) where he obtained his primary and secondary education. Following this, he pursued studies in Electrical Engineering in Birmingham, England. There, he earned his BSc degree. He met his wife Elfreida in the UK, then in 1952 emigrated to Canada. They had two boys, Paul and Johnny. He worked with the Toronto Hydro for some 35 years reaching a managerial position. He retired in 1988. John played a significant role in the establishment of the Cypriot Community of Toronto, which he was President of for a period of time. He was very highly thought of by his peers, both among his professional and sailing buddies. John took up sailing in the late 60s after he bought a 24ft yacht, a Shark (No 47), which he named NAIAD. He joined the National Yacht Club either in 1969 or 1970, where he would take part in the Tuesday evening races on a regular basis. Eventually, when he found that the work needed to keep NAIAD in good shape became somewhat tedious, he decided to donate her to the club. NAIAD became the first Shark in what ended to be the Shark Club on the NYC (the club within our club). Soon after, two other Sharks joined the club which became an excellent venue for adults to learn how to sail a keel boat. Many Shark Club members eventually bought boats on their own and became members of the NYC. John enjoyed spending time with his two sons and Paul’s children, of whom he was very proud. He continued to enjoy relatively good health, in spite of a loss of sight in his one eye a couple of years ago. Sadly he met with a sudden end when he tripped one night on the stairs leading to his basement. He fell rather badly, landed on his head and ended up with a broken neck. He was a soft-spoken man, and never lost his cool, traits which endeared him to all friends and acquaintances. John, you certainly will be missed by many.
Mimis (John) Joannou

Mimis (John) Joannou