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NYC Photo Club meeting December 16th
November 22nd, 2010 @ 09:57 AM EST by admin
from Don Williams The NYC Photo Club meets once per month at the NYC – usually Wednesday evening mid-month. We take the time to display each person’s photos via computer, projector and screen and chat about each photo – where it was taken, how it was done, what camera, the lighting, whatever. We also chat about all forms of photography, photography programs and software, cameras, lighting, buying and selling photos, photo shows and exhibitions, making websites with photos, and so much more. We share ideas, suggestions, creative styles, and discuss what we can do with all of our great photos. Most important, we share our interest in the world of photography and how we can relate it to the world of the NYC – people, boats, cruises, races, regattas, activities, socials, seasons, and the water world around this end of our lake. The club is always looking for great photos for marketing, the newsletter, the website – show off your pix! If you have any interest at all in photography – are just new to the digital world and only have a point and shoot, or you are as seasoned pro with mega-gear, you are welcome! We all learn from each other and therefore improve in all ways possible as well as learn new ways to capture the world – both near and far - in a variety of ways. We also communicate via the “Net” and share photos and stories of interest. You can’t travel everywhere but you sure can see photos from everywhere if you just have the right connections – The NYC Photo Club! Plan to come out to our next dinner at 6:00pm on December 16th, with the meeting at 7:00pm and bring twenty of your best boat- and club-related photos on a flash/jump drive or CD. Order dinner and enjoy the nightly members' “Slide Show” while you munch away on dinner. All are welcome! If you have any questions, please email me at Otherwise see you there at our next meeting! This is great way to make friends among the other members.