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Launch is Just Around the Corner!
March 25th, 2013 @ 10:57 AM EST by admin

Launch is coming up quickly, notwithstanding snow on the first official day of spring!

It is probably quite some time since we thought much about the mooring pennants, shackles and the tackle that keeps the boats safe on the moorings for the sailing season. So it is a good time time to think about the mooring tackle, before we all get caught up in the last minute rush before launch.

A few old points but worth repeating

  • Check your mooring pennants for wear before you install them. They may have got chewed up last year, and not looked at too closely in that last windy day of haul out .
  • Lines on the boat respond well to a wash in gentle detergent. So do the pennants.
  • Check for proper length. The pennants should be about 1 1/2 to 2 times the height from the water to the fairlead, plus what is needed from fairlead to cleat. Water levels will probably be low again this year, and long pennants result in scrapes to your boat and your neighbour’s boat too.
  • Check the thimbles to ensure tight on the lines. There were a few missing last year, and this will cause wear and premature failure.
  • Get a few feet of stainless steel wire for the shackles. There were severalĀ  cases last year of lost shackles. Most were caused by lack of wire on the shackle pins. Either not wired or wired with old speaker wire.
  • Check out the mooring instructions in the “members only” section of the website. A bit more detail on the things to remember.
  • See you at launch.

Craig Lahmer
Mooring Committee Chair