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Little Pain for Long Term Gain
October 27th, 2010 @ 10:44 PM EST by admin
by Denys Jones Vice Commodore, Marine Operations Sometimes a little pain is worth it for long-term gain. Can the members of the NYC deal with this problem before it becomes a catastrophe? Our infrastructure is starting to show serious signs of aging. It would be irresponsible of me as your VC Marine to ignore this issue. While we have a budget to maintain our docks and moorings, we do not have a contingency plan to upgrade the surfaces of the existing docks. Some of the original docks are now 25 years old. Many of you will recall that when power and water were added to the original docks, we cut a track to lay down these facilities. The result is that the older docks have saw cuts that run along the surface. These have contributed to some serious deterioration. We do not want to be faced with an emergency requirement for dock replacement because we blithely ignored the issue. So please help by accepting a little pain now for a future gain. Our plan is to resurface and restore underpinning on a five to eight year program. In order to achieve this we need to increase our dock maintenance fee by approx 10%. The new plan combines a flat dock rate along with a square footage component. This will provide us with the funds to tackle this issue. The square footage component of our Dock fee provides a fair method of equating dock usage. Please support this proposed change at the AGM, also bear in mind that even with these changes our fees are still lower than most other yacht clubs in the Metro Toronto area. Hope you all had a great sailing season.