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Marine Operations Update-April 2014
April 23rd, 2014 @ 05:55 PM EST by admin
Main dock looking WestThis is a very busy time for everyone as members prepare their boats for launch and all of the various Club preparations are in full swing!  These preparations are all completed with the involvement of many volunteers and there are some really messy tasks! And just like the preparations of our own boats for launch being compressed into a very short time-frame (it did snow last Tuesday!), some of the work normally completed before launch will not be able to be finished before Launch. The photo (left) was taken just 3 weeks ago! Dock extension looking West Your Launch & Haulout Team has been very active in preparing for next weekend.  There are still many volunteer positions that need to be filled to make this all happen.  Please review the listing of open positions posted outside the Men’s washroom, and contact Ian Pooles to identify what tasks you can help with. The docks have almost survived the ravages of the harsh winter unscathed.  We will see some repairs having to be completed during the sailing season.  They were just reconfigured to the summer layout last Friday and the Dock Committee were out on Saturday making their final checks.  If you do spot something that you feel should be repaired, please bring it to the attention of the NYC Office staff.  Early warnings of a failure, of any level, can greatly reduce the costs of outages and repairs. MalcolmThe Mooring Committee has continued with the mooring buoy replacement program this spring. The tires are getting pretty near the end of their life as mooring markers. Many are starting to take on water, and float a bit low in the water. A more serious problem is damage to the wheel rim itself. The tires will sink or tangle in the chains if the rim rusts out. This can cause significant damage to the boats. The plan is to instal about 30 of the new buoys each year. So the remaining tires in the basin should be replaced in about two more years. Twenty-one buoys have been installed so far. A bit of a messy job. The tires and shackles are all very rusted and covered with algae etc. We have selected the round buoys as replacements for the tires. The test of the flat white buoys did not work out well. They appear to be too light for the winters here. Four were tested over the winter. One sunk, one disappeared (??), and the remaining two looked pretty beaten up. The buoys sit about 9" out of the water. This is slightly higher than the tires, but will not require any change in the length of the pennants. Pennants  should be no longer than 1 1/2 - 2 times the height of the bow cleat over the water, plus length from fairlead to cleat. New Dinghy Ramp The new buoys have a cup in the top, which allows mooring tackle to sit below the level of the buoy. This should reduce any damage that might be caused should the boat hit the buoy in very light winds. The new mooring numbers will be added when it get a bit warmer! The new dinghy ramp is scheduled to arrive at NYC the Tuesday following launch.  Gone are the old hinge plates that were tripping hazards and left gouges in the bottoms of the boats!  More will be reported on this next time with photos of the installation. Island SignThe Blue Crane has been totally re-wired and new boom and hook controls installed.  Check it out!  A key is now required to operate the unit, both a safety and control initiative. We also installed a new sign on the island the weekend before launch. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Accidents can happen all too quickly and when you least expect it.  Please take extra care so that we all have a safe and trouble-free beginning to the sailing and boating season. And if you need to find a position to use up some of your required club work hours, come and see me.  With 12 Committees, there is always lots of variety of work that needs to be done and I can guarantee that you will enjoy the fellowship! All the best! Don Weston, VC Marine Operations