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Marine Operations Update, January 2014
February 25th, 2014 @ 11:52 AM EST by admin
This is a busy group and the action does not seem to ever stop. I have been extremely fortunate to have such a significant group to lead the various portfolios to continue to provide extraordinary services to all the members of the National Yacht Club.

Here are some of the current highlights:

  • Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.27.05 AMIce in the NYC Basin: If you’ve been down to the club recently, you might have noticed the amount of ice covering the entire surface of both basins. Over the past couple of weeks, there have been a couple of occasions when there is no water visible on the lake! Needless to say, our docks and moorings are having a tough time coping with this extreme weather. The installed bubblers have been totally overwhelmed by the ice, with only a couple still able to maintain open water. A new model has been ordered and will be tested to see if it is able to make a difference. More on that in the months ahead./li>
  • Launch & Haulout: After many years of co-managing these activities at NYC, Karen Beaton has retired from this role. After many years of amazing service to NYC in this role, she was awarded the Addy Muerkoster award for outstanding volunteerism, along with Trevor Marks, at the New Year’s Day Levee. Tim Swift will be taking on Karen’s role starting with Launch in April. I’m pleased to have Tim join the team!
  • Moorings: The Mooring team has been busy researching various options for replacements to the old car tires that have been used for many years. Last summer, you might have noticed several different mooring buoys that were being tested. These tests are continuing over the winter. Come April, the plans are to effect the replacement of about a third of the active mooring buoys with a new unit. These units will also have swivels installed to help with the knotting of mooring lines.
  • Cranes: Right after haulout, the Committee began some long needed repairs and changes to both the White Crane as well as the Blue Crane. New controls will be now used to manage the Blue Crane and the transmission on the White Crane was overhauled. As these are very key to several parts of the sailing programs within NYC, it is very important that they function when required. This work will make that happen.
  • Pump Out: After many years of very capable service, Chad Humphries has stepped down from the Chair of this committee. In his place, Michael Kaytor will now be assuming these duties.
  • Docks: As you can imagine, not a lot happens in this area once the bridge is lifted and access to the dock area is limited. Lots of plans for the pre-launch activities in preparation for the next boating season. This is an area where many hands do make light of the work needed to be completed. If you are looking for an activity to consume some of those volunteer hours, the Dock Committee would be glad to hear from you!
  • Slip Assignments: This process is new for this year. As Chair of this group, along with the NYC General Manager and Program Manager, I will be initiating the assignment of slip for the coming year. We are starting with a clean slate so we have no requests from last season. It looks like we had a great deal of interest from the Boat Show for slips and we have several vacant as we start the process. If you want to move on to a dock, the most important step is to register your intent with the office. This establishes your position in the queue.
  • Dinghy ramp

    Dinghy ramp

    Dinghy Ramp: As I reported at the AGM, the crane staff had condemned the old ramp as being unsafe. It had lasted over 25 years and was very badly rusting in so many places that it crumbled in your hands. Following Haulout, the old ramp was cut up and removed from the concrete ramp area, making room for the creation of a new unit. More details on the replacement project will be provided elsewhere in this newsletter.
Your entire Marine Operations team continues to maintain its active role, even during the winter months. If you have any questions or comments about these points, or any other related topics, please get in touch with me. And volunteers are always welcomed to join any of these groups! We always can use extra hands. And we have fun doing it!

Don Weston, Vice Commodore, Marine Operations