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Marine Operations Update
May 26th, 2015 @ 08:48 PM EST by Newsletter Author

Another month has passed, and the boating season has started. It’s great to see so many mast up, sails bent on and preparations for racing are well underway.

We have had a really tough time getting the White Crane back into full operation. Last weekend, all looked really good, but then something electrical happened to the low boom and it was out of service. The team are working to understand what happened and to get it back into full service. If you are still waiting to get your mast raised, use the polecat! An appointment can be made through the office.

There are a couple of additional tasks still pending for the White Crane. There is no question that it can use an update on its paint. I am looking for a volunteer to take on the task of pulling together a team to complete a full refresh of the paint. This should not take very much time, and it would do a lot to beautify the west yard. Any takers to make this happen?

The second task is the addition of lights to the cranes. While they are not needed at this time of the year, they will be installed following the completion of the painting. And the Blue Crane will also receive lights to help working in that area.

The Dock Committee continues getting the docks into good and safe condition. If you find something that does not appear “right” anywhere on the docks, please bring it to the attention of Ed Konzelman ( so he can schedule the work. The same goes for the mooring area. If there is any issues in the outer basin, please bring them to the attention of the Mooring Committee Chair, Craig Lahmer (

And while on the subject of tying up boats, please review the updated Dock and Mooring Guidelines on the NYC web site. There has been several updates, mainly in the area of mooring with the new buoys. Site reference

I want to again thank all of my Committee Chairs for their efforts, on your behalf, to make The National such a great place. Time and time again, they step up and help out. With the pending yard cleanup scheduled for May 25 -27, extra work is needed to be completed. If you have any time, please check in with the Office. They can direct you to a team. Also review the Volunteers section of the web site for other positions where volunteer hours can be earned.

In a previous message, I asked for input on the concept of “Mooring Stars”. The feedback I received as very little so will let the idea rest for the time being. I have a team looking into the possible replacement of the entire D Dock. These docks are over 22 years old, were never meant to be subjected to the weather they are subjected to and most of the slips are too short and narrow for most of the boats at NYC.

Regards, and have a wonderful and safe boating season.