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Match Racing at the National
February 24th, 2015 @ 11:22 PM EST by Newsletter Author

Match Racing at the National

National Yacht Club owns a pair of J 22s which permits any member interested in Match Racing to get involved, without either a boat or being part of a regular crew. The objective of the program, aside from having lots of fun, is developing match racing skills, progressing through a program of regular drills and scheduled racing.

The skills translate well to successful fleet racing, because match racing hones a detailed understanding of the racing rules. Participants will inevitably become more comfortable and skilled (and successful) manoeuvering in close quarters.

National’s Match Racing program also permits Club members to go on to participate internationally. Our members have enhanced the Club’s reputation at major events, such as the York Cup in Toronto, ISAF sanctioned races at Oakcliff in New York and Chicago Match Race Center where they can compete with the world’s best.

Learn what match racing is all about in April. Prior to launch and our regular Monday evenings on the water, the match racing group plans three informal seminars. Open to all those interested, these will include the basics of match racing,  viewing and discussion of some exciting action videos available from past events (and even from our own members’ GO cameras).

Match racing has been described as a mixture of sailing, wrestling and chess (and sometimes other diverse skills). It is extremely fast-paced. Since a day on the water consists of many very short races, there is lots of action and very little, if any, down time.  Please stay tuned for more details as seminar times are confirmed, or contact me to receive further individual notices or more information.

By Bruce Brown