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Message from the Commodore
March 26th, 2013 @ 08:31 PM EST by admin

Dear NYC members,

Can you believe the crazy temperature fluctuations?

Normally at this time of year Anne and I are busy tapping Maple Syrup at our ski chalet in Grey County, the locals are predicting a good season, it’s just been too cold and we haven’t had the daytime warming effect that encourages sap runs.

Now what does that have to do with running the affairs of NYC?

Very little really, I just hope we are finished with Maple Syrup before Launch.

I am pleased to report that our board and committees are ramping up for another great NYC boating season, Sandy Steffen is doing an excellent job as VC Fleet, the races and other on water events are almost all organized thanks to the dedicated efforts of her volunteer committees.

Don Weston’s Launch and haul-out committee have this event down to a fine science, Karen, Trevor and their group are looking for volunteers to take on specific roles, so don’t be shy, please get in touch if you feel your skill set would fit.

Soon our Storm King replacement will be arriving at NYC; in addition we will be re-setting the docks ready for Launch.

There is a definite theme to this newsletter article “volunteer” Our nominating committee under very capable chair David George are seeking new members.  Merilee Wright our VC Marketing needs volunteer help with our member communications; do you have experience with editing, publishing or web site management?  If so please get in touch with Merilee.

If your skill set is more mechanical Linda Morley VC land would be delighted to have you join Past Commodore Ed McCormack’s mast rack committee.

Recently I attended a meeting of the Council of Commodores which offers an opportunity for exchange of ideas between yacht clubs, this way we don’t all have to re-invent the wheel. One of the subjects that affect us all is the recent outrageous property tax assessments on our recreational land and water; currently we are assessed by MPAC at the most expensive and densely developed residential rate. We have of course appealed these assessments; in addition you may recall from the last AGM that we are working with legal counsel to see if this can be resolved. The latest news is that MPAC is looking to have a meeting to review the situation. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a positive result.

Thanks to Neill VC Education we still have some remaining sailors nights, in addition I understand that Neill and Merilee did attend the very popular Diesel maintenance course, so if your engine breaks down this summer don’t hesitate to ask Neill or Merilee. (I know this will get me into trouble, but just because I am Commodore does not mean I can’t be mischievous!)

That’s all for now, must go and see if the sap is running, we will be on water soon.

Regards to all,
Denys Jones