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Message from the Commodore
July 26th, 2013 @ 11:48 AM EST by admin

Carpe VentusDear Abby,

I am the Commodore of a famous Toronto yacht club and recently my wife says I have become far too racy, what can I do about this?

– Racy Commodore

Dear Mr. Commodore,

Have you considered cruising?

This is a leisurely form of sailing that does not involve challenging mark roundings or fighting to windward for every possible inch of lead on the opposition. You do not have to heel very much and there is no need to worry about the lifted tack and if one end is favored over the other.

Once you arrive at the destination you can enjoy a leisurely cocktail with fellow cruisers without having to face them across the table in the hostile environment of a protest room.

I understand that the NYC Commodores Cruise to Ashbridges Bay is taking place on the August 24th and 25th. I hear there will be a number of interesting prizes along with some great after sail hors d’oeuvres. In addition the Commodore will serve a fine glass of wine to visiting NYC participants aboard Carpe Ventus. So I believe that as many NYC members as possible should participate.

They have also organized entertainment for our NYC members, so I suggest all you racy types participate with our other cruising members and enjoy our 2013 Commodores Cruise to Ashbridges Bay, book a.s.a.p. you won’t want to miss this event.

In closing Mr. Commodore, while your wife may say you have been a little too racy, I would advise just a little racy is fine; we all like a little spice in our life.

Have a great cruise – can I join as a guest?

– Abby