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Message from the Commodore
January 27th, 2014 @ 12:28 PM EST by admin
Dear Fellow Members What a bitter winter we have been having! These temperatures and the freezing lake reminded me of some photographs presented by Past Commodore and club historian Wayne Mullins last year. Some of these winter scenes of the waterfront show skating in the harbor and huge fields of solid ice. As I write this article, the predicted weather for tomorrow is southwest winds in excess of 100 kilometers in areas of the Toronto waterfront… let’s hope we avoid damage to our docks from movement of the ice! As you all know we held our 119th AGM in the dining room December 9th, 2013. Attendance at this AGM was down from recent years, though we kept a high level of participation with many members addressing various issues on the agenda. Since many of you were unable to attend, I thought I would report the highlights of the meeting so when these changes come into effect you aren’t surprised. My Commodore's Report was presented in the printed Annual Report, along with a financial report and a report from each Vice Commodore. These detailed reports are well worth reading as they will provide you with a really solid understanding of what we have achieved in 2013. NYC’s financial situation is very healthy despite a reduction in income due to lower dues and initiation fees. The Board of Directors and staff managed really well by controlling our expenditures and we were also able to continue our program of debt reduction. The next time you see our Treasurer and other Board members please thank them for managing our club responsibly. Members need to recognize that costs of goods and services increase every year, meaning that if revenues remain flat, programs will eventually suffer. With this in mind we did introduce minor cost of living increases to our fees and dues. The following changes were approved at the AGM:
  • 2% on Dues and Fees – Approved.
  • 2% on mooring fees – Approved.
  • A new method of calculating dock fees of $28 per linear foot of the boat or dock length, whichever is greater. The intention is to provide a more equitable method for calculating dock fees. Approved (after some spirited discussion).
  • A motion from Merilee Wright to change the current bylaw that outlines the category of membership that can serve on the board. The intention was to allow more diversification in categories of membership. David George amended this motion such that any two of the seven positions could be held by Associate Dry-sail, Dinghy, and/or Crew members.  Amended motion approved.
Member Motions:
  • Roger Kell proposed removing the 10% administration fee charged for Dock Equity redemptions. Keith Morley amended the motion to include all Dock Equity redemptions repaid after September 30,2013. Amended motion approved.
  • Brian McKay proposed that Dinghy and Crew members accrue seniority at half the current rate. Defeated.
  • Geoff Brown proposed that the Minimum Monthly Charge (currently $45 per month) for the months of December and January be combined for a minimum monthly charge of $90 for the combined months. – Approved.
I am also pleased to advise you that all members of your 2013 board will continue to serve for the next year since our Nominating Committee Chair David George introduced the 2014 Board by acclimation. He reported that the club had benefitted from the strong performance of the Board in 2013, and the membership would be looking forward to more great work in 2014. So there you go! That is a Readers Digest version of our 119th AGM. See You at Sailor's Night That’s it for now, I hope to see you soon at a sailors’ night. The committee has organized a really interesting list of subjects – last Wednesday I attended the presentation by Diane Reid “One Girl’s Ocean Challenge.” What an experience! Diane has a ton of courage, the images of that rough sea and charging along at breakneck speed on a small boat on the edge of control. I was really impressed. See you next Wednesday. Kind Regards, Denys Jones Commodore of the National Yacht Club