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Message from the Commodore, April 2014
April 27th, 2014 @ 09:10 PM EST by admin
Commodore Denys JonesDear fellow members, Thanks so much to the Launch and Haul-out Committee. While we all work hard on Launch day, your efforts in particular deserve recognition. Tim and Trevor along with your team are true examples of our NYC volunteer program. What a day – we achieved it all in record time, all done safely. Even the weather cooperated. Well done!
A Dock from the balcony.

A-Dock from the balcony. Photo by Don Williams

Our boats are finally in the water! After a long cold winter, you must all be very relieved. Vessels will soon be totally rigged and our NYC basin will once again provide one of the prettiest views on the Toronto water front. Keep in mind that you are all located on safe docks and moorings. A special note of appreciation to the Moorings Committee and the Dock Committee who work behind the scenes, frequently on cold windy days while many of you are sitting in front of a warm fireplace. So next time you see a member of one of these committee’s or Don Weston, VC Marine Operations, please make sure to thank them for the work they do. One of the amazing factors that always come to light during Launch and Haul-out is the camaraderie of our members. While we may not see each other for 3 to 4 months during the winter, this wonderful quality just seems to carry on, it’s almost like continuing a conversation. One of The NYC’s important member events of the season is our Annual Sail Past. As soon as we are all spick-and-span we will be ready for the blessing of the fleet and our annual Sail Past, where I have the privilege of saluting our fleet. Please mark your calendar for Saturday the 31st of May, when we hope for a sunny day with gentle winds. 4961_001The Ontario Sailing Red Carpet fundraising Gala This great event was held at the Oakville Club on Saturday April 12th. We had a fine representation from our Yacht Club. Thanks very much to Sandy Steffen, Lynne Beal, Wayne Mullins, Ann Mitchell, Mark Bird and Ash Das for representing the National Yacht Club; it was a pleasure to visit with you all and share stories. This Gala is an excellent opportunity for our club to mingle with our many friends in the sailing community. Thanks also to Lynne for the many donations you provided for the fundraising auction. Over the years you and Doug have made us at The NYC proud of your volunteer efforts on protest committees and international judging. We understand this summer you will be judging events in Europe, however we hope you will have time to sail with us all at The NYC. MPAC Evaluation We finally have some news regarding our municipal tax situation. MPAC, the organization charged with establishing tax rates for all Ontario properties had determined that our yacht club along with others on the waterfront should pay taxes on the best usage principle. This means that we would have to pay the same rate as the huge developments on the Toronto water front. We felt this was outrageous and of course appealed their findings. The NYC along with other yacht clubs in the community obtained legal advice to help solve the issue. Finally, we see light at the end of this very long tunnel. We have recently provided information to our lawyers that we believe will contribute to a much fairer method of property tax evaluation for our facility. We'll let you know as soon as we here the final report from our lawyers. My hope is that this will be resolved within the next couple of months. Recent Updates on the proposed changes to Billy Bishop Airport Many of you, I am sure, have heard of the recent events regarding the requested changes to Billy Bishop Airport. Please review the following link, which will provide you with an overview on the most recent report from the city executive committee and the results of a recent council meeting: City of Toronto Agenda Item 2014.EX40.1 - Request to Amend the Tripartite Agreement for Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Another detailed response was sent to us from City Councillor Pam McConnell – download this document to read more. Your board of directors and I will continue to represent the best interests of The NYC on this Airport issue. At time it seems like we are fighting an uphill battle, but we are getting some results. See you on the water, and looking forward to our Sail past. Kind Regards Denys Jones Commodore the National Yacht Club.