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Message from the Commodore – January 2015
January 2nd, 2015 @ 07:15 PM EST by Newsletter Author

On behalf of your Club’s 2015 Board of Directors, and as your newly-minted Commodore, I extend best wishes to all NYC members and their families. May 2015 bring you health and prosperity.

Had you told me seven years ago that I would one day take the helm at NYC, I would have not believed it. My life as a ‘boater’, not a ‘sailor’ (though I’ve always preferred the latter descriptor) always included powerboats of various shapes, sizes and potential velocities. Sailors, we were told (at Power and Sail Squadron courses), went more slowly, always had the right-of-way and could sometimes express strong ‘feelings’ about powerboats and their drivers. So it’s a great honour for me to take a leadership role at a yacht club so well known (and recently recognized) for its sailboat racing accomplishments. I’m excited to be able to contribute to the NYC nautical community that persistently attracts us to boats of all types.

The new role is also more than a little daunting. My predecessor, Past Commodore Denys Jones has sailed and raced in the Lake Ontario sailing community for over 30 years. My knowledge of this part of the sailing world is thin, and I have much to learn about it.

That’s why I’m so fortunate to have Sandy Steffen on our Board. Under her VC Fleet leadership, NYC hosted two world sailing events during 2014. Both were recipients of prestigious awards from National and Provincial sailing organizations.

The 2014 Shark World Championship organizers were awarded Sail Canada’s Chisholm Trophy for Excellence in Race Management.

The 2.4m World Championships organizing committee was awarded Ontario Sailing Association’s Regatta of the Year award. I’m sure I speak for all NYC members in expressing our thanks, pride and appreciation for all those volunteers who produced such outstanding results in each of these complex sailing events. Stay tuned for more news in the new year about these terrific accomplishments.

The Club enters the New Year in great shape thanks to the work of your Board of Directors throughout 2014. To further strengthen the Board’s effectiveness, we undertook minor changes in portfolios for the upcoming year. VC Merilee Wright moves to VC Land while VC Linda Morley moves to VC Marketing. VC Finance Pamela Robertson will continue to be an invaluable source of club knowledge and sage advice. I will be seeking her guidance based on her deep history with NYC. We welcome Silvio Conte to the Board as our new VC Education. Silvio and I will be working closely to prepare Silvio to manage this busy club responsibility. And I sure am glad that Don Weston, VC Marine, decided to remain in his role this year. His knowledge of and experience with our on-the-water assets is comprehensive and very valuable to the club.

I feel much more confident in my ability to serve as your Commodore with a very capable and collaborative Board to support me.

Planning has already started for the 2015 Season. It’s PanAm Summer in Toronto, and it’s going to be busy on the water and at the club. Many NYC members have volunteered to help with the various sailing events during the Games. More to come about this.

Finally (for now at least), I encourage all members to let me know about their ideas for enhancing the NYC experience. Our club is one driven by the principles of self-help and community. Our fiscal strength and the vibrancy of our sailing and cruising communities are things to be proud of. I look forward to an ongoing dialogue with the membership on how we can continue our success.

Kind regards and Happy New Year to all!

Neill MacMillan, Commodore