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Message from the Commodore, June 2014
June 23rd, 2014 @ 03:08 PM EST by admin
sailpast saluteThis year’s Sailpast was truly wonderful. Of course we could have had a little more wind however the sun was shining there were many smiling faces and a few unusual approaches to the review vessel. Thank you to Past Commodore Mullins who kept us company on the review vessel. You may not be aware that Janet on Grand National moved the line twice in order to provide a good wind angle. She is one of our experienced race officials and is used to setting a start line. Unfortunately the wind just kept moving around. Thank you Janet for being such a good sport. I did promise her a glass of wine for all her efforts and she collected on that promise. There was a rather difficult moment when we though the police boat was going to give Grand National a parking ticket but that didn't happen. Many of you went to extraordinary efforts to acknowledge the review vessel and, as you know, it is the duty of the Commodore to salute each vessel as she passes through the review area. Each vessel in turn either dips the ensign or luffs the jib. With the very light wind it was quite a challenge to luff the jib. One of our traditional sailors who always makes an effort to meet the challenge had a foredeck person "shaking"  the jib back and forth to reflect a true luffing of the foresail. The award for the best luffer goes to George Pettyan of Gaoh and to that person on your foredeck who did a great job. Sail Past GeorgeOther members who will remain nameless introduced a new tradition; that is to leave the fenders hanging over the side of their boats during Sailpast. This of course is to avoid collisions during the close maneuvers. We thought this to be a good idea since some vessels do get a little close to the review vessel. The reception and evening event continued to be a delightful affair. Thanks to our VC Fleet for hosting Sailpast and to the Fleet Captain-Cruise for making sure the day ran smoothly. Thanks also go out to our dining room staff and General Manager Tal for creating an environment that achieved success. The following photo shows the crew of Carpe Ventus receiving the members of National Yacht Club. We wish you a wonderful sailing season. sailpast carpeYesterday we participated in the new event organized by Gerry Ramos, Toronto Sail or Hope for Burn Survivors. This was an amazing success. Survivors, along with care givers, family members and staff from Sunnybrook Ross Tilley Burn Center sailed and powered along the pristine waters of Humber Bay. Once again the sun was shinning and the smiles of all participants proved that Gerry had a vision of achieving this synergy. Congratulations Gerry. We take what we have for granted sometimes and it's only when you look at life through the experience of someone who has suffered and survived that you truly appreciate what we have. Kind Regards Denys Jones Commodore The National Yacht Club