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Message from the Commodore – May 2013
May 26th, 2013 @ 12:02 PM EST by admin

Dear NYC Members,

Sail Past Saturday, June 1st

Please join us at Sail Past Saturday June 1st; I am looking forward to this salutation of summer and established NYC tradition.  For the past 31 years I have enjoyed participating in Sail past at NYC and now I have the honour of saluting our fleet; this is a humbling experience… I sure hope I do it right! See you on the water.

Special General Meeting

Now on to other business: as you know, your Board of directors has called a Special General Meeting for May 30th at 7:00 pm. Please make every effort to attend; the purpose of this meeting is to find out if the members want the NYC to take a position on the proposed Airport runway extension, and if the members are for or against the development.

Airport Expansion

In the meantime, we have been very busy gathering information from the various parties that are involved: we have made every effort to have them attend our meeting as guests to present information on the proposed expansion. In particular we have focused on what effects this would have on the on water activities at National and our safe access to Humber Bay.

We asked Porter Airlines to outline the details of the proposed project to our board and we particularly focused on the issues of water access, excess noise and pollution due to greater traffic flow.  We were advised at this meeting that Porter was very conscious of these issues; Mr. Deluce, the president of Porter, stated that “Any change to the current marine exclusion zones would be a deal breaker.” He also stated that the plane manufacturer has guaranteed that the new aircraft would comply with existing noise restrictions and pollution controls. We are informed that conforming to these restrictions is a critical requirement for Bombardier to meet, with the contract being cancelled if they are not met.

Community Air and another group, No Jets Toronto has expressed strong objections to the Porter proposal. Their projections for proposed runway extensions far exceed the numbers outlined in the Porter proposal. Should the expansion outlined in these projections occur, National’s access to Humber Bay would be severely restricted. Both of these groups have stated that the existing Tri Partite agreement should continue to restrict Jets in this Airport, due to projected noise increase and pollution.

As mentioned in a previous news flash, we have written to the Toronto City Hall, all city Counselors, and members of the Council of Commodores which includes all yacht clubs in the Metro area.  We have had board representation at City Council meetings when the Airport expansion was debated and NYC Board members have also participated in community meetings gathering information. In addition to these efforts, we have communicated with the Toronto Harbor Master and Transport Canada to try to establish the accuracy of the future Marine exclusion zone.

I assure you that we, as your board, have worked very hard to represent the interests of our yacht club; I want to thank all our board members on your behalf for the time and efforts they have committed to this issue above and beyond normal board business.

Hope to see you at the meeting,
Kind Regards,
Denys Jones
Commodore, National Yacht Club