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Message from the Commodore – November 2014
December 1st, 2014 @ 03:29 PM EST by Newsletter Author

Wow! What a party! The Commodore’s banquet was a lot of fun. We sure know how to have a good time at the National. Thanks so much to our chef Dani and the kitchen crew, the food was delicious. Thank you to Mark, Todd and our Dining room staff; the service was excellent. Thanks to VC House Linda and Fleet Captain cruise Karen Ford for organising this event. Anne Blais “Madame Commodorable,” did a spectacular job of decorating the dining room and along with Gabrielle, provided everyone with homemade sailboat cookies.

After being piped in, we all toasted the Queen, Chad Humphrey blessed the meal very eloquently and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal with soft background piano music by Michel Ross. Once the dining was over, I had the privilege of presenting a life pin to long tern member Tom Harasti, due to a recent operation he was unable to attend, so I delivered it to his home the following morning.

The Marita Award

The next presentation was the Marita award for exceptional contribution to boating at NYC. This year’s winner Geoff Schwartz has, over the past two years, volunteered an endless amount of time and effort to create the NYC on-line crew bank program. Well done Geoff, a wonderful achievement, you have created an excellent program for matching skippers with crews. Once again NYC is leading the other yacht clubs with innovative programs. I understand you are still refining the program for next season, thank you so much for your hard work.

This is the kind of effort that makes NYC such a special club.

Geoff Schwartz


 Addie Meukoester Award

We have all benefited from the work of the Launch and Haul-out committee. Many of these folk work really hard and don’t look for recognition, they just enjoy participating in this program and all our members benefit from their efforts. Sal and Cindy Rinaldi are the worthy recipients of the Addie Meukoester award for operational excellence. Congratulations to you both and thank you so very much for your dedicated work year after year.

Sal & Cindy Rinaldi

Paul Barry thanked me for my work as a board member and as Commodore for the past two years, he reminded me of my teasing him when he had just finished rigging his newly acquired sailboat… I had informed him that his mast was upside-down and Paul actually looked up to make sure, so we had a good laugh about that.

NYC as a tradition has presented the retiring Commodore with a gift of appreciation and his wife with flowers. I decided to gift this back to our yacht club in the form of an award to be presented by the Commodore of the day, and Anne decided that, in lieu of flowers, she would contribute to purchasing an additional three keeper trophies. The true essence of NYC is our volunteer spirit, those members who perform above and beyond the call of duty, never expecting recognition or anything in return; we can never have enough awards for these exceptional individuals.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Bill Cook

I am delighted to announce that the first recipient of this award is Bill Cook. Bill has looked after ourofficer of the day committee for as long as I can remember, he has volunteer diligently as one of our club photographers, and he has slung boats with our slinging crew in the west yard at launch and haul-out. In addition to this, we worked together on the Sailing and Racing School Committee. Bill has always been an example of an exceptional volunteer at the NYC. Thank you so much Bill.

After all the formalities, we danced up a storm with excellent music from our entertainment, thanks to Chrissy for organizing this. Everyone enjoyed the piano music of Michel Ross during the dinner and then the fine Danielle Bassel band afterwards. My feet were quite sore by the time we arrived home.

Gabrielle demonstrates that she can dance as well as she sails.


 Hope to see you all at the AGM. Thank you for electing me to represent National Yacht Club as Commodore; it has been hard work at times but also an honour and a privilege. This article will be my final Newsletter as Commodore. See you at the Club.

Kind Regards,
Denys Jones, Commodore