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Message from the Commodore: Winter Musings
January 30th, 2015 @ 07:25 PM EST by Newsletter Author

I was at the club for Sunday brunch with family members. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, and you could see forever across the Lake. The cosy setting of our dining room was warmed by the weak January sun streaming through the glass. I looked around and realized that we were almost alone. Not quite, but almost. It’s January and the almost empty dining room made me think about how people view NYC during the long cold winter months.

For some, it’s easy: travel south by plane or car or even better, by boat like the lucky few who are actually experiencing the cruising dream. Forget about winter and enjoy the pleasures of tropic or even sub-tropic climes. For others, pesky responsibilities like work and kids in school prevent travel, so these stay-at-homes endure whatever winter throws at them. Fortunately for this group, NYC offers many activities to make the winter at least seem shorter.

I recently wrote about how NYC is a member volunteer run club and that winter provides the time and space for doing all the necessary planning for summer 2015. That’s a great reason to visit the club for a volunteer committee meeting and while you’re there, a hearty dining room meal.

Beyond the volunteer stuff, there are education opportunities as well. Nav courses, radio license upgrades (does your VHF radio have a DSC function and if so, do you know how to use it?) and life-saving first aid courses are but a few of what dedicated volunteers and professional instructors offer to NYC members throughout cold winter months. And how about our new Pub Night offering on Thursday nights? And of course, don’t forget about Sailor’s Night – every Wednesday – offering a variety of interesting nautically themed presentations.

Many clubs around the Lake close down for the winter months, and I’m sure that makes the winter much colder and longer. I hope you have a chance to participate in some club activities over the next few months. It’s a great resource, even in the depths of winter.


See you around the club.


Neill MacMillan, Commodore