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Message from the Commodore
February 27th, 2013 @ 07:40 PM EST by admin
Dear NYC members, I have the pleasure of greeting you from the wintery slopes of one of the most exiting ski resorts in Charlevoix Quebec.  One of the wonderful benefits of internet communication is that we can e-mail from any corner of the world and it feels right next door. Be assured that your Commodore, the board members and the committee chairs are working diligently to prepare for our 2013 sailing season. Today, the cruising fleet captain Paul, e-mailed me about plans to organize the Commodore’s cruise, and just a few weeks ago Dave Thomas, our fleet captain sharks and I met with Lieutenant Commander Scott E Setchell of H.M.C.S. York to arrange the launching of visiting boats for the Shark North Americans. Our neighbors once again helped us out, thank you so much Lieutenant Commander. Tal, our General Manager is very busy learning our NYC culture. I have heard really good comments from the members who have met him, please give him a call to introduce yourself and welcome him to NYC.   (Sorry Tal if you receive a lot of phone calls, we just want you to feel welcome.) SO WELCOME TAL! Eric our new chef is working hard along with Mark and Todd to create wonderful food and service in our dining room. Do come in and enjoy the new menu.  I can tell you so far my experience with the food quality has been very good. Thank you Eric! As you know, we continue to have many winter events, including our sailors’ nights.  Join us and enjoy the company of your sailing friends during these cold winter days!  Reminisce about last summer’s experiences, enjoy a cold beer and start planning for this year’s sailing season. Consider participating in LYRA, we are the host club! Sign up for the Lake Ontario 300!  Let’s make this the best year for NYC participants in these world-class events. I will certainly be there with Carpe Ventus, let’s hope we “seize the winds”! See you at our favorite home away from home the NYC. Denys Jones Commodore NYC