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Moorings Update
July 28th, 2011 @ 01:15 PM EST by admin
NYC Mooring Maintenance – Ongoing Activities Having just taken on the duties of the volunteer position of Director, Mooring for NYC, I wanted to know the situation of all of the moorings and just what I was taking on. After many years of these tasks being completed so capability by Rick Dermot and Don McIntyre, I had a lot of learning to make up! Last fall, and before launch this year, we completed a full review of all of the moorings in the western basin. The chains, as they are lifted off the bottom and dropped back down, do wear through the chain links. This activity has been a part of the continual process of ensuring that all the mornings remain safe and secure.

Club Divers: Brain Fehst & Mike Carson

This past Saturday, the Mooring Committee were busy working in the basin to effect the replacement of those mooring chains that were defined as close to their end of life. With the able assistance of divers Brain Fehst and Mike Carson, Storm King’s capable driver Oliver Bertin, we installed 5 new chains onto their respective anchor wheels. In the coming days, these chains will be lifted to the surface and attached to a new mooring tire. Once the owners swap their mooring pennants onto the new tire, the old tire and chain will be removed. Over the past several weeks, we have also installed 4 new moorings, replacing those that have, over the years, been “lost”. We will be continuing to add these new moorings to bring up the total number available to the Club. And several of these new moorings will be provided with an extra wheel, allowing them to hold the heaviest boats we have. Over the years, some of the moorings have appeared to have moved and are out of line. We will continue to work on getting these fixed to that boats are kept at safe distances from each other, as well as the break wall! If you have any concerns about the location of a specific mooring, or its condition (appears to be sinking, etc.), please contact me directly, or talk with the Office. And if you’d like to help out on the Committee, you would be most welcomed to the group. Have you every dropped something overboard and wondered how you will ever get it back? As a service to the Club, we provide diving services for just such an event. So far I have collected a $700 pair of glasses, a full set of cradle pads, the bottom of a shower stall, and many old beer cans! Let the office know and they can contact us. For this, a donation to the Sailing School would always be appreciated! Happy sailing! Don Weston Director, Moorings.