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My best story ever about John Charnock and Fleming Armstrong
March 21st, 2013 @ 12:36 PM EST by admin
Both of these men have passed away recently. I was reminded of one of the most unique times that I had when they actually were together. They were legends at the club, you just had to ask them. For me personally, they were close friends, drinking buddies, and occasionally surrogate fathers. Some twenty years ago, when we started the Flotillas to the BVI’s, Harvey decided to pair these two on the same vessel. We gave them the normal run downs and briefings, and felt that these two expert sailors were ready for the ten days of sailing. The National Yacht Club has a history of “swing mooring barrels” which these two were quite familiar. On the trip, one destination is “The Baths”, which as many of you know, require that you pick up a mooring barrel, as anchoring is not permitted. We were all quite surprised to find that once the fleet was settled, our two stalwarts had taken those instructions quite literally, and the two foot barrel was sitting quite proudly on their foredeck. And that is my best John and Fleming  story ever. by Lawrence Maurice via by Marc Dacey