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New Berthing Option for NYC
April 13th, 2015 @ 09:12 AM EST by Amelia Leeksma

This is a new concept to mooring layouts that I discovered during my touring of the Toronto Boat Show. When I first saw the concept, (it is called a “mooring star”), it struck me that this might have a place within the “berthing” options provided to NYC members, and specifically within the mooring basin of NYC.

I would suggest that NYC would offer this as another method of providing a “mooring” options, something between a single mooring ball and a full dock option.  This could be a new mooring approach and not one other club offers it! My plan moving forward is to first obtain some details on configurations and installation, and pricing. There would be up to 7 open berths on such a configuration, the eighth opening would be used as a water taxi berth for pickups and dropping off members.

Before we proceed any further, I am seeking input from NYC members. What do you think of this concept? If you were on a mooring buoy, would this be something you would consider as an option? Would you gather a group of friends together to share the berths? Please share your thoughts with us as we continue to explore this berthing option. Any input is most welcomed!

Don Weston – VC Marine Operations
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