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New Dinghy Docks at NYC
June 26th, 2013 @ 12:46 PM EST by admin
After several years of thinking about it, this has now happened!  The old Black Dinghy docks that have provided good service, and not without leaving their mark on more than one hull, have been “retired” to the NYC Island. Phase I of the upgrades to this docking area was completed yesterday with the help of some very busy volunteers!
New Dinghy Docks at NYC

New Dinghy Docks at NYC!

Mooring Crew members

Mooring Crew members John King, Craig Lahmer, and Malcolm Kirk, with Oliver Bertin on the old black docks over to the steel wall.

To make this happen, I started by meeting with representatives from both the Sailing School and Dry Sail to ensure that the resulting dock configuration would be optimal.  Working with the dealer’s representative, we created a layout and with the support of these two groups, placed the order.  We started with “U” configuration but modified that into a “J” to provide more than adequate access to the members who are on D Dock.  Incorporated into the final plan are the old sections of EZ Dock that have been in place for several years.  This shows the flexibility of these units. Also included is a set of flexible stairs that will be installed once the water levels go down.  Once installed, they will move with the water levels to provide a safe access point onto the dock surface. These dock units are much more stable than the old units and will provide a safer and more accessible location for the Sailing School students and staff, as well as all Dry Sailors. Phase II, to be completed shortly, will see additional components added to the Phase I layout.  And as before, this will be done with consultations with all affected groups within NYC. Don Weston Vice Commodore, Marine Operations