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New NYC Workboat Update
February 25th, 2013 @ 09:47 PM EST by admin

Yesterday, I travelled to Parry Sound, along with three members of the Mooring Committee, to review the construction progress of the new boat and to finalize several points that had been raised by the production team at Connor Industries. It does look great!

The new boat is being built by Connor Industries in the north end of Parry Sound, Ontario under the name Stanley Boats. She is being crafted out of high grade aluminum as an adaptation of one of their designs customized to fit our overlapping needs for a tow boat, a mooring maintenance boat and a diving platform for some of the more involved work done around the club basin. Connor Industries were able to come up with simple and elegant solutions to our needs on the spot so that we will have a new work boat designed to do the things we asked Storm King to improvise over all those years.

Visit to Connor Industries, Parry Sound

New Work Boat

New Work Boat, 80% Complete!

Final Design

Assesssing Final Design Options











Name The Boat Contest:

All this leads to coming up with a name of the new workboat!  We are seeking your assistance in coming up with a name for the vessel.  We will take ALL submission and tally the counts.

Storm King was named after Tom Turrall, a long-gone dinghy sailor who represented NYC in an event in the US that gave him the name Storm King. He was a single-handed sailor, literally, having lost an arm at some point in a gunshot accident. Noted for his heavy-weather sailing ability in International 14s (a very different boat these days), he gained the moniker “Storm King” as a result. It is in this tradition of tribute that we are hoping to name the new work boat, and encourage suggestions that further club acknowledgement of the people that have made memorable (significant) contributions.  Clever puns for the name will also be considered – the “Go-Between” was named this way.
In a couple of weeks, we will provide everyone with a list of the top three most popular suggestions, requesting a vote on them.  The most preferred will become the name of the newest member of the NYC fleet.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Create an email message to with the subject line containing “Name The Boat Contest”
  2. Provide as many suggestions as you wish.
  3. The Committee will process all submissions and tally the results.
  4. All members will be informed of the three finalist and asked to pick their choice by using the same email address above.
  5. The new name will be announced.
  6. Graphics will be created and applied to the new boat prior to its unveiling at NYC.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

Don Weston
VC Marine Operations