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New Pump Out Upgrade
August 31st, 2012 @ 09:55 AM EST by admin
If you haven’t noticed, the pump out facility has recently received a dramatic facelift courtesy of Chad Humphries. The original equipment was sourced and installed by Chad many years ago and hasn’t received a major refit beyond the pump itself since. The upgrades include a new hose/nozzle system with the following features:
  •  a shut off valve at the nozzle; this allows full control at your boat and eliminates any residue spillage from the hose section.
  • a viewing port; this enables the operator to check the status of the operation knowing when the pump out is complete.
  • a suction-style connector that will universally connect to any outlet port. Simply press the yellow rubber tip into your outlet port.
  • a new visual level gauge at the pumping station. You can now visually see how full the pumping station tank is at any time.
  • A new hose that is flexible, smaller in diameter and easier to manage.
The nozzle housing is made of a tough polymer that with the elimination of the chain of metal adapters will reduce the potential of scratching your gelcoat. Additional upgrades coming soon include a hose holder to coil the hose and a method to sanitize the nozzle after each use along with better signage. These modifications will make the important pump out process more pleasant and easier for both members and visiting boaters as well as those boats moored on the west wall near the station. I just used the new system for the first time last weekend and it worked like a dream! No fuss no muss. The next time you see Chad, thank him for helping make the NYC “Clean and Green”  and improving an unpleasant but necessary task of boating life. Geoff Hadrill Environment Chair