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New Sailing & Racing Program for 2011
December 30th, 2010 @ 11:10 PM EST by admin
Opti Summer Sailing Camp The National Yacht Club Sailing and Racing School is proud to announce that there will be an addition to the programs offered to young sailors at the National Yacht Club. This summer will host the inaugural summer of the Opti Summer Sailing Camp for youngsters aged 7 to 10, who would like to have some fun in the sun. The emphasis of the program will be having fun while learning basic sailing skills and how to be safe when near the water. The sailing skills in the program will be broken down into small and simple skills so youngsters will learn quickly and have many opportunities for success at each of the small steps in the program. Sailors will also learn sailing and safety skills with the Canadian Coast Guard Bobbie the Safety Boat colouring book. Some of the topics included in the course include are to sit in the boat, how to balance while in the boat, how to steer the boat, how to make the boat move forward (propulsion), turning the boat around, basic terms of the boat, and how to make a boat stop and go. Young sailors will be registered for a week at a time, and have the opportunity to come back for additional weeks. At the end of the course, each youngster will receive a National Yacht Club Opti Summer Sailing card showing sailing skills they can do and skills that they tried doing. If the sailor is feeling confident and would like to learn more about sailing, they can register to attend the White Sail Course later this summer, or in the summer of 2012. The Sailing and Racing School hopes this gives youngsters a chance to experience sailing in an environment where the focus is on having lots of fun in the sun and seeing what it's like to be out on the water for the first time! We hope to see you having fun in the sun at the National Yacht Club this summer!