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News from the Commodore
October 29th, 2013 @ 08:36 AM EST by admin
Commodore Denys JonesWell the boats are high and dry for another year; after a haul-out tested by tough weather. The weekend started out well, the east yard achieving their daily objective. Saturday was a different story with winds exceeding 25kts buffeting the western gap. After we lifted the ramp our crane operator wisely informed us that he felt it too dangerous to continue, as the winds would have played havoc with the smaller boats.  Many from the west yard went to assist in the east; others went home expecting Sunday to be a frantic day. The east yard fortunately had some shelter from the winds lifting the heavier, more stable boats in the basin. Safety was the priority and they soldiered on in the rough weather managing to lift all boats in that yard. Congratulations on a job well done. On Sunday we returned and managed to lift all boats in the west yard. It’s truly wonderful to see our members pitching in - great job everyone! VC Fleet Sandy Steffen recently organized a meeting of our NYC cruising membership and achieved excellent results. This week Sandy announced Karen Ford as our new fleet captain for cruising, and I understand we already have plans for many of next seasons cruises. This is really good news, only a few weeks ago we had some members expressing concern about our NYC cruising program and within a very short period of time we have a plan of action to resolve those concerns. Well-done Sandy. You will recall in the last newsletter I mentioned that I had attended a Town Hall meeting regarding the Billy Bishop Airport expansion; your board of directors has not only followed the direction determined by the members at the SGM, we have written to all members of city council.  Just this week we received a letter from Councillor Matlow (please see the attachment). Rest assured we will continue to represent the interests of National Yacht Club. Recently Mr. Deluce, president of Porter Airlines and a member of our club, clearly stated that the markers of the marine exclusion zone would not be affected by the proposed runway change. Lets see what happens at City Hall over the next few weeks - hopefully they will take time to obtain all the facts before rushing into a decision. Finally, please make a note in your agenda as we have some very important events at NYC in the next few weeks:
  • November 2nd: Presentation Night - our NYC racing community will be enjoying the evening collecting awards and cheering on their competitors, the Corinthian spirit is alive and well at NYC.
  • November 16th: Commodores Banquet - this is the Gala event of the season; we will enjoy fine food, good company and excellent music. Dress up in your finery and come and have some fun!
  • December 9th: National’s Annual General Meeting - all the information has been mailed out, please make a point of attending this meeting to learn about what we, your board, have achieved this year; make a point of being involved; vote on the motions; and participate in the elections. I look forward to seeing you there.
Looking forward to seeing you at these events! Kind Regards Denys Jones Commodore the National Yacht Club Attachment Subject: Re: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Dear Denys, Thank you very much for your email. I appreciate your feedback. Like all of us, I read about Porter's proposal through the media and I believe that it is important to take the necessary time to research the possible benefits, and potential adverse impacts, of what Council will eventually consider. Some of the issues that I intend to inform myself about include the potential of increased noise , local traffic and environmental impacts, safety, economic benefits and the suggestion that there will be increased customer convenience including ready access by public transit. Porter is a convenient service for Torontonians because it is located downtown. However, it is because of its close proximity to where many people live, work and play that we have to be especially mindful of any proposed changes at Billy Bishop airport. I can assure you that I will consider the merits of every argument I hear and judge Porter' proposal on the evidence, rather than political rhetoric, available to me. Please always feel welcome to call me if you would like to discuss this issue further. Sincerely,