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News from the Vice Commodore, Marine Operations
September 23rd, 2012 @ 10:26 AM EST by admin
Our dock restoration work is well underway. During this process we will, as mentioned before, try our best to not inconvenience our members. In conjunction with our dock committee we'll ensure that we arrange access points for adjusting chain lengths on the docks, water shut off valves and electrical connections. In addition we will install protective PVC pipes at the dock joints to reduce wear and stress on our hydro cables. Keeping a Close Eye on Progress We have received some comments about uneven edges on some of the boards, these will in fact be trimmed even as they progress along the dock. Don Williams and I will keep a close eye on the project, we are also looking to adjust a few uneven steps where docks join on the west part of A dock. Walter and I determined that it is the dock itself that is uneven not the boards so prior to adjusting the boards we will see if we can adjust the dock or at the very least paint the "step" yellow for visibility. Our Mooring inspection is complete thanks so much to Don Weston and his mooring committee crew, we do have a detailed mooring maintenance plan and will incorporate our findings from this inspection to determine priorities for next seasons work. The planning for Haul Out is well underway. Karen Beaton and Trevor Marks together with the committees, are well into the logistics for this huge task. The plan is that the wall repairs will be fundamentally complete and will not interfere with our haul out. Every year its a challenge to better utilize our land space so please, no last minute changes to the plan we do want to have space at the blue crane for some dry sail and winter storage for those boats. Enjoy the balance of our sailing season Denys Jones, VC Marine Operations