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Nominating Committee News
June 26th, 2012 @ 05:35 PM EST by admin
Your Nominating Committee has been quietly active so far this year, focused first on rebuilding the Committee and later on its operations. The initial effort was to bring the Committee membership up to the nine participants anticipated in the By- Laws and, to the extent possible, have membership on the Committee reflect all the classes of membership within the club. An additional challenge was to do this in a manner that could build on member experience, maintain representative continuity and still support a one-third membership turnover each year. Now that that's done, it's time to focus on getting a better handle on the changes that may be coming up in our current officer and committee structure. This will result in positions that may need to be filled with new or different people in the fall. At the same time we need to identify persons who might be available to fill those positions, not only from the usual suspects but more widely from among the large and diverse membership of the club. Some of that our Committee can and will do directly but in addition to our canvassing activity we would like to cast a wider net. We need to know if you, or any member you know, has an interest in contributing more to the club in any capacity. We don't want to overlook any member that has an interest in serving on a Committee, or to Chair one, or would aspire to become an officer of the club, or like to take over responsibility for managing some club activity or resolving some issue. So, who do you think might make a good candidate for what office or activity? If it is you, great! If it is someone you know you may want to ask them first, but we would also like to know who it is that you think could contribute to the workings of the club, and why. Please send your suggestions to me, David George, Chair – Nominating Committee, National Yacht Club by email at <> or by letter to my attention dropped off at the club office. You, the club and I will be glad that you did.
David George, Chair 2012 Nominating Committee