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NYC at the Tall Ships Festival
June 26th, 2013 @ 12:38 PM EST by admin
Some of you may have noticed Storm King at the wall with a Tall Ships "Official Transport" flag. The NYC provided Storm King as a water shuttle between the festival locations in the harbour. The main headquarters was at Harbourfront Park at the Westin basin. The other locations were HTO Park to the west and Sugar Beach in the east. We moved festival staff, ship liaison volunteers and crew between their locations as needed for the festival events. The opening ceremonies were on Thursday night at HTO. Our passengers included a troupe of 1812 re-enactors. A bit tricky landing on the crowded wall, but we got a great spot to watch the ceremonies and the show. On Friday we took crew from the Unicorn and the Peacemaker to the Gibralter Lighthouse for a Parks Canada tour. The last runs were from Westin to Polson Pier (new name for the Docks) for the volunteers party. The festival was a good chance to show off our new work boat. Lots of compliments on her looks and performance. A credit to the Club for sure. by Craig Lahmer