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On the waterfront in Downtown Toronto since 1894 From novice to old salt, there is a place for everyone at National Yacht Club.
by Harvey Cracknell, Boris Broz, Dave Richards — Co-Chairs 2010 Brew Race and Charity Auction NYC ¼ Ton Fleet 23rd Annual Brew Race & Charity Auction Tuesday, September 14 The NYC ¼ Ton Fleet will hold their 23rd Annual Brew Race and Charity Auction on Tuesday September 14, 2010, commencing at 6 pm. This is a mad-cap end of season celebratory race and favorite NYC tradition of hijinks which includes a serious noteworthy focus on appropriate charities, most recently for disadvantaged youth. Check out photos of all the fun we had last year. This year we will also be soliciting funds towards the purchase of an NYC-centric memorial for Gerry Kedey, a long term NYC Senior Life member and one of the original founders of the ¼ Ton Fleet in Toronto and the NYC. Following the Brew Race, the Charity Auction will begin at approximately 8 pm in the NYC dining room. All National Yacht Club members, family and friends are welcome and encouraged to watch the race and/or attend the charity auction and bid for the products donated by our local merchants or by our ¼ Ton Fleet members and/or their employers. You’ll find good value in these items. All proceeds will be donated to the Broad Reach Foundation unless directed towards the Gerry Kedey memorial in recognition of his significant role as a ¼ Ton Fleet Founder. We offer NYC Members the opportunity to share in Gerry’s memorial, even if you don’t plan to join us at the auction. Please direct your interest to Harvey Cracknell, Patriarch for the NYC ¼ Ton Fleet. He may be reached at or call him at 905 508-7749. About the ¼ Ton Fleet’s Brew Race The Quarter-Ton Fleet Brew Race is an event initially organized by Gerry Kedey and Harvey Cracknell, both long time ¼ Ton NYC Skippers. Gerry successfully persuaded Molson’s Brewery to fund the event trophy. This is one of the two reasons for the term “BREW RACE”. The event begins at the bar, where a representative from each boat (the designated drinker or DD), drinks a cold beer. Meanwhile, the fleet fully rigged waits by the NYC inner basin wall for their DD to step aboard so they can then cast off to sail a predefined race course. At the end of the race, each boat sails into the inner basin and the respective DD leaps ashore, quickly heads upstairs to the bar and finishes with a final cold brewsky. These start and finish refreshments are the second reason for calling it The Brew Race. Just in case you were asking. The first boat to have sailed the course and have her DD complete the consumption of the second beer awaiting them at the NYC bar earns the prestigious ¼ Ton Brew Race trophy, the Molson Cup. About the Broad Reach Foundation Through our continued support of the Broad Reach Foundation, we in the NYC ¼ Ton Fleet are proud to help make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children.  We feel that through their experiences and ability to participate in Broad Reach sailing programs at the NYC, we’re able to show them a satisfying and rewarding alternative; something that would influence their lifestyle as they mature. The feedback that we get from these supported participants confirms our expectations and adds to our fleet participation and enthusiasm for this Annual Brew Race and Charity Auction. This race and the NYC have been recognized over the years by the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Department with “Community Champion Awards” as a result of our previous contributions that we have made.  Our hope is that with your valuable participation, the event will be even more successful than it has been previously.