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NYC Website Overhaul
May 28th, 2014 @ 11:26 AM EST by admin
Approximately six years ago we undertook an effort to update our website. We were able to create an attractive and well received website that has served us well since then.  However, as we all know, technology does not stand still. So much has changed since then - hover menus, responsive design, seamless links, register and pay online, blogs, social media....the list is endless and fairly daunting!! NYC_Select_SmIn order to 'get with the times', the board has undertaken to have the NYC website completely overhauled by an external, professional provider.  We generated a scope of work, secured three bids and selected a vendor. Since then, we have engaged the Vice Commodores to ensure that their portfolios are properly represented in presentation, click-flow and content. The work is progressing, and as I am sure you can understand, it is a multiple-months project. We are hoping to have the beta version complete by the end of June. We will then focus on how and when to migrate to the new site in such as way as to not disrupt ongoing club operations. If you have comments or suggestions to contribute to this initiative, please send them vial email to If you feel that we have any content missing, I would ask that you also please provide your suggested content, written as you would recommend it be shown on the site, to me via email. You may not be aware, but all content we currently show has been contributed either by our office team or volunteers.  The current content as you now see it on the site will be migrated to the new site, so improvement input is always appreciated. Stay tuned! Merilee Wright Vice Commodore Marketing & Communications