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NYC's Wild Kingdom
July 28th, 2011 @ 04:55 PM EST by admin
Animal Kingdom Its  truly amazing to witness the variety of wild life at our City Yacht club. Otters swimming around the "D" dock area -  those are the docks located on the break wall. These animals are so agile it's a pleasure to watch their antics. Raccoons. These night marauders, while cute, can do a great deal of damage and are very determined. You will see we have catch and release traps in a number of locations. Skunks We all know what these guys look like! I sure hope we don't catch one in the trap. Although I do hear if they keep their tail down, you are safe. Swans these graceful birds can be very aggressive especially when they have their young ones.  They take little provocation and they can easily overpower a child and cause anyone injury. Geese. The annual migration south is a truly Canadian experience and is a delightful sight; unfortunately the ones that stay at NYC really make a mess on our docks. Ducks are the same as the Geese: lovely to look at especially when they have a trail of ducklings noisily following Mom in the basin. So why this rambling dissertation? To introduce the new House Rule:
Wild animals are a part of our outdoor experience at the NYC. Animal waste on our docks and walkways can be very unpleasant, and is a costly maintenance issue. DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS. This includes swans, geese, and ducks. Please ensure that all food waste is disposed of in the recycle containers.
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