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On-line Crew Bank
March 27th, 2015 @ 01:35 PM EST by Newsletter Author

Hello Sailors!


Spring 2014 was the inaugural debut of the on-line crew bank. It was our first crack at it, and our objective was to launch it so members could start using it. Thanks to everyone for using the on-line crew bank last year.

We knew it had some glitches going in and was the first phase of our system. We also came to realize it was not very intuitive. We appreciated your patience. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback throughout last year’s sailing season. We heard you and have taken action.

We’ve diligently worked on the crew bank this past winter and have made some significant improvements.  ** Please note the system will not be used for the weeknight cruising crewbank. **

First and foremost, we have substantially improved the look and feel. It is now in a calendar format which is far more transparent and much easier to use.

Below are some overall high-level updates that impact everyone.


  • Much easier sign up process.
  • Supports spousal members.
  • All club events and weeknight racing will appear on the calendar on the date they are taking place. Boats will still have to register for events (weeknight racing, and regattas). They will still have the ability to create their own events, like day cruising or boat repairs.
  • We are modifying and improving the email frequency when matching boats and crew. The instructions to confirm matches will be clearer, and the overall process will be less confusing, particularly when being re-matched.
  • We have a “select all” button for events spanning multiple dates such as weeknight racing. You no longer have to select each day. Having said that, if crew have signed up for all races, it is important to go into the system to cancel if they cannot make it. The system will immediately look to fill the spot once it becomes available. The objective is still to fill boats with crew.

We’ve separated the changes to boats and crew below.



Boats who used the system last year will not have to do anything. We’re carrying over your information to the new system. For example, boat location, size, minimum and maximum number of crew you want and the skill sets you are looking for.

Boats will also be able to see if they are short, full or over crew when looking at the calendar. Please note, being over in your crew numbers can only happen if regular crew sign up to race on your boat. The system will not match crew if the boat has reached its maximum number of crew.

If boats have more than their maximum crew, the line will appear in red, and they simply click on the link to investigate the status. It is up to each boat to determine how to handle crew overages.

If the boat hasn’t responded to a match, they can do so by clicking on the link. If the crew has not responded to a match, it will state “pending”. If the crew has responded but the boat has not, you can simply accept on the link. An email confirmation will go out to both parties once both boat and crew have accepted the match.

Regattas will appear on the calendar. Boats still have to sign up on the “Events tab” for each regatta or weeknight racing. Once registered, the boats can click on the links to see crew members signed up or matched.



The calendar format is also available for crew and will be in a different colour than the boat screen.

Crew information will also be carried over to the new system. Crew members who used the system last year will not have to do anything unless they feel they want to make updates.   For example, if they feel their skills have improved, they can modify.

If you are regular crew on a boat, you simply sign up for an event – similar to last year although the system is much more intuitive easier to maneuver when signing up.

Regattas will be visible on the calendars, however crew must still sign up if they are regular crew or request to be matched.

If a boat has accepted a match but the crew member has not actioned the match, they will see “Silver Lining – pending”. If crew haven’t responded to a match, they can simply click the link and accept or decline the match.  An email will be sent to both parties once both the boat and crew have accepted the match.

These are just a few updates we wanted tell you about.  Our goal is to have the new system available mid-April.

We will also have another presentation at the club so please look for the announcement and do come out. It will give you an opportunity to see the new tool, and we will do our best to make adjustments to feedback before going live.


By Ayesha Kahn

Committee Chair Jeff Schwartz