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Online Crew Bank is Here!
April 28th, 2014 @ 02:42 PM EST by admin
We’re pleased our new online crew bank system is now live! NYC’s online crew bank matches crew with boats based on pre-identified preferences. The organizing committee is excited to offer this to our club. It is something we believe will alleviate or at least minimize the struggle boats and crew have finding each other. It’s available to NYC members only and is accessed once you log in here. You’ll see a “crew bank” link on the left hand side of the screen. For the purpose of simplicity, the system recognizes skippers who either race or cruise as “boats”; everyone else is considered “crew”. There are Club Events and Member Events Club events are events each boat will participate in; they can include weeknight racing, weeknight cruising or regattas. Member events are something a boat is organizing outside of a club event; they can include pot-luck dinner on a boat one Saturday evening before an evening sail, going out to watch the fireworks, etc. What you need to do to get set up on the system? Boats Simply go to the Boat tab and completed each of the sections of the 5 links. Some quick reminders:
  • Your boat name is pre-populated in the “boat details” tab; you just need to input the boat length and your boat type (sail or power).
  • In addition to yourself, you can choose someone to act as your boat admin to manage the system on your behalf.
  • You must identify the minimum, preferred and maximum number of crew needed excluding the regular crew who have signed up.  Please note: the total number you state includes the skipper
  • If you want to create a member event (boat repairs, sail to Niagara) complete the information under the link called “My events”.  You can make the event available to your regular crew or you can open it up to the entire club by making it a “club event”.
Crew Go in and complete the links under the Crew tab. Some quick reminders:
  • Select whether you want to cruise or race or both.
  • Complete the details, including your sailing skill level, level of seriousness, etc.
  • The “Request a sail” tab lists all the club events for the entire season.  You can select the dates for a boat you regularly sail on (either cruise or race) or you can simply choose sailing dates and the system will match you with a boat.
This is an email based matching system that requires a response Crew and boats must accept or decline their match. Matches that are declined or unanswered will automatically go back into the system to be re-matched. Please ensure your email address is up-to-date with the club roster. Important note: The system does not allocate crew and boats on the day of the event.  If it is event day and boats are scrambling at the last minute to find crew or vice versa, you will need to go down to the dock and speak to the dock coordinator – this club feature is still in place. On-the-Dock Coordination Help Needed We need volunteers for on-the-dock coordination (one for each crew bank). This is to assist with getting the right crew onto the right boats and allocating “walk-ins” that don’t have spots assigned within the new automated crew bank system. For more information, come to our next training session at 7 pm on Wednesday May 7, 2014 in the chartroom. Have a wonderful sailing season! Online Crew Bank Committee