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Online Crew Bank News
May 28th, 2014 @ 11:30 AM EST by admin
The online crew bank is a system generated matching system meant to reduce administration for skippers. Skippers no longer have to send multiple emails inquiring if their regular crew is confirmed and how many crew they need or don’t need. If boats are short of crew the system will fill their open spot(s) for them matching their needs! For crew the online crew bank helps them to get onto a boat that matches their sailing levels, skill set and willingness to learn. Our online crew bank updates will continue to support awareness of our new system and deliver important information, updates and/or changes. We ask for your patience and encourage all skippers and crew to sign up to use our new tool. Here are a few reminders and things you need to know: Matching and confirmation e-mails are sent from a email address. Members – please make sure this e-mail address is unblocked so it doesn't go into your junk folder. As the date to the race or cruise approaches the system’s objective becomes to fill any open spots on boats and assign all crew – as long as boats have space. It focuses less on matching the preferences. Therefore if crew have signed up well in advance to be matched to a boat and it’s a few days before the race or cruise and you haven’t been matched, this could be because crew and boat preferences were not a perfectly aligned. The “need to match” will kick in and a match will occur within 24 hours of the race or cruise. Please go to Boat Assignment to verify if your match has been confirmed. By the way …  We are working diligently to send match confirmation emails once both the boat and crew have agreed to their matches. However at this time you must go to “Boat Assignment” to see if your match has been confirmed. This is required by both parties (boat and crew). A note to the Crew. Don’t assume you are confirmed just because you have accepted; the boat may no longer have space for you. The boat must also confirm your spot and vice versa. We will let you know when the confirmation email is available. Thanks for your patience!