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Photos from Asseance's continuing journey
September 26th, 2010 @ 07:46 PM EST by admin

by Don & Heather Mockford, Asseance

Asseance left NYC on July 2, 2006 and we have tried to keep our friends at NYC up to date on our travels since we left the Club.  As those who have followed our adventures know, we send emails out at irregular intervals – the cruising life is just soooooooooo “busy” that it is difficult to maintain a schedule of regular notes on our travels.

We spent most of the summer in Grenada enjoying the cruising lifestyle and participating in many events run by both locals and fellow cruisers. So much was happening that one could be busy ever day and most evenings. However, the highlight of our time in Grenada was the 2K10 Carnival – a 2-day street party for many.

After Carnival we departed for Tobago which is about 80 miles to the southeast. We traveled in company with 3 other boats and explored many of the bays and small towns of the island. Tobago is a small and very pretty island and is the vacation area of choice for many Trinidadians, especially after the Trinidad carnival in February.

While we have been travelling we try to take pictures so that we have a reminder of our trip and activities and post them on our Flickr site. Our recent photos, many of which are from Tobago and Grenada may be found at in the album titled “Asseance 2010”.

[Here are three photos from their stream. You can see more on Flickr. -Ed.]