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Race Buffet and Minimum Billing
March 26th, 2013 @ 08:22 PM EST by admin
Race Night Buffet Before the season gets underway is a great time to talk about our Buffets and how we manage them. It’s by far the best way to serve 100 people quickly as the Dining Room often fills up in 15 minutes. We have worked on the price versus menu offering very hard trying to keep the price as low as possible and serve great food.  What throws our careful planning away are the few that try and bend “the rule” by heaping up a plate for sharing. We have instructed the wait staff to watch for this and have directed them to charge members for 2 dinners when they see sharing.  When you think about it, it is theft and our staff must follow the rules we have set. It’s a bad situation – your servers really try hard to keep their professionalism and give everyone their best service and they really hate to play hardball. For all round enjoyment at the Club, Your Club – keep your food for yourself & enjoy your meal. The Staff are there to make your experience enjoyable and if someone is abusing the Buffet, you will find that we won’t just let it slide by. Minimum Billing – Don’t Share Member Numbers Our Dining Room is a wonderful service provided to our members and we have tried to keep the prices reasonable and to that end we have a minimum monthly billing amount.  It isn’t too hard to cover your minimum by coming to the Club once or twice a month, or bringing a few guests to enjoy our little piece of heaven.  Occasionally, some members try and help their friends by using their membership number to order food. This is a no-no. Your membership entitles you to use your membership only, and not your friends. It’s actually illegal and that’s why we don’t have a bylaw about it – it’s a crime! Our staff is instructed to decline service if you are attempting to misrepresent yourself, so please don’t try this! Thanks for your co-operation! Linda Morley VC Land