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Reciprocity Agreements – What you need to know!
November 26th, 2013 @ 06:54 PM EST by admin

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the value of membership at The National Yacht Club, we are looking to expand the number of clubs that National Yacht Club members enjoy reciprocity agreements with. In addition to other yacht clubs, we are looking to include land based athletic and leisure clubs.

Currently the club enjoys Reciprocity Agreements with many of the Yacht Clubs around Lake Ontario. The complete list is available for all to view in the ‘Join Us’ section of the club’s web site here. In order for you to visualize where the various yacht clubs are, former Commodore Henry Piersig completed a wonderful framed map of Lake Ontario that identifies the various Yacht Clubs by illustrating their respective Burgee’s in the approximate location of each club. This map is hanging on the wall in the ground floor lobby of the clubhouse opposite the Officer of the Day station.

In order to enhance our reciprocity offering, we’d like to solicit member input into other clubs they might wish to enjoy reciprocity rights with, including both yacht and land based leisure clubs. Currently the only land based club is Alpine Ski Club outside of Collingwood.

So think big, and feed back any ideas to and this committee will be happy to reach out and see what we can accomplish.

Andrew Baker & Peter Hoffman
Member Services Committee