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Relocating Your Boat
January 25th, 2011 @ 08:01 PM EST by admin
We always get a few new members along with a few new boats after the boat show. It is my job, along with the assistance of some other key people, to blend these new boats into our existing dock environment. This means relocating boats. In addition, existing members may move up or down in boat size; some boats that are on sabbatical return; others plan to depart; and some members experience health matters requiring relocation of their boats. Please email me any changes in your boating status, any requests to relocate (and reasons why), any health concerns that may require a new location for your boat, your plans to perhaps venture out on that Caribbean or World Cruise that you have planned (or return from one) and I will try to sort it all out and keep everyone still smiling and happy with their assigned slip. Also, please email me if you know of any repairs that your slip needed when last you saw it, and I will add that to the list. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this time of year is the best time of year to pick up some snubbers, new dock lines/chains, new fenders, dock pads, etc.  Your boat and your dock will thank you!  Don't forget: new bungee cords to secure your halyards and lines will also keep your boat quiet and your neighbours happy when the wind begins to howl. Check your boat now and then to ensure that all your pads are up and tight, that your ladder is up and/or locked, your cover is secure, your bilge is dry, through-hull hulls are jammed with a rag and your mast has the ends "bagged" or taped up to keep the dirt, dust and varmints out. Cast an eye on your neighbour's boats, and let them know if you see something. Finally, this would be a fantastic time to email me and let me know your interest in joining the Dock Committee as well - great people doing great things in and around the docks at our great club. Don Williams, Dock Committee Chair.