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Respecting Each Other's Property in a Crowded Boatyard
October 29th, 2012 @ 02:24 PM EST by admin

When it comes to preparing our boats for haul-out and launch, there is a lot of activity going on in the yard over a period of several weeks. Our members are known to go out of their way to assist each other during the season – helping move, repair and store large, expensive and unwieldy equipment. However, every year several owners find their boats, masts or other property damaged in their absence.

For example, a club member reported finding his mast facing the opposite way he had carefully stowed it very recently, with the mast head light shattered and a shackle detached and lying below it. Possible further damage to lights set in the mast could not be seen properly due to another mast where theirs had previously been stored. It’s clear someone felt the need to move it and damaged it (knowingly or not) in the process.

If you must move other people’s property to access or store your equipment, your fellow owners ask you to please treat it with the care and respect you would our own. It’s disheartening to lift your mast from the rack in Spring and find damage that in most cases is impossible to trace.

If you do damage someone’s property, please own up to it and contact the owner. Most pieces are identified, as was the damaged mast in this case. Contacting the owner will avoid unpleasant encounters and allow all to deal with the damage before it gets worse.

We’re all members of the same club. At the NYC boat-owners have the same level of entitlement, have all spent a lot of time and money on their beloved boats and should respect and protect each other’s property.

by Faith Seekings