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On the waterfront in Downtown Toronto since 1894 From novice to old salt, there is a place for everyone at National Yacht Club.

Join us every Wednesday from mid-January to the end of March for our guest speaker series and enjoy presentations on a variety of nautical topics.

Gail Fraser, an associate professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, has researched colonial nesting waterbirds for over two-decades. Her masters work (North Dakota State University) was on Forster’s terns and her PhD work (Memorial University of Newfoundland) was on crested auklets (in the Aleutian Islands). She has also done work on thick-billed murres, Leach’s storm petrels and Manx shearwaters in Newfoundland. Her current research is focused on double-crested cormorants and black-crowned night-herons at Tommy Thompson Park.

Join us on Wednesday to hear about the human-wildlife conflicts associated with cormorants in the Great Lakes, as Gail shares her insights about their presence, management and some unexpected interactions she’s had with the birds at Tommy Thompson Park.

These evenings are popular, so we recommend that make reservations in advance and arrive early if you'd like to order before the presentation begins at 7:30 PM.

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